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-please take your time wandering through this symphonic forest; feeling, hearing, absorbing-

-please explore this forest on a computer rather than a mobile phone to enhance the depth and breadth of the immersive experience; there is much seeded and embedded here- 

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human   soma   sounding

...birthing the sounds that are alive within...

An environment of freedom;

where the cosmic child can play, explore and experiment, to its Heart's content

I am inviting you to an alive and living space of pure expressing.

A space where spontaneous soundings emerge and arise, and are expressed.

the space of the no-taboo

Soundings coming forth for the honouring of ourselves,

the human family, and for our natural life force of benevolence.

The reality of the already-present freedom through sound.


morven bryce

I birthed humansomasounding Live Experiences in 2021 and I have been inviting people to bring their natural human voice in spontaneous sound dialogues with me.


I care passionately about reclaiming and embodying our voices during this time, when everything is being done to silence Humanity, crush our spirit ...and much more besides.


Claim your voice and join me.

anytime, anywhere - release the sacred voice into the Cosmic Symphony of this Liberation Era

"Morven- Thank you for opening the possibilities that being full-on is okay, for being a template of deep *all goes* expression- with all the difficulty It can still be monumentally free..."


melodic resonance: Your Testimonials - thank you!

my living testament

to truth: 04/09/23

the liberation era

Ready-Player-One and thus I created



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the birth of humansomasounding

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my violin soundings

00:00 / 04:20
00:00 / 04:20
00:00 / 03:20

Sound -alchemising for The Liberation Era: 2018 with guest Lucy Revis, cello

Spiegel im Spiegel
00:00 / 08:52
spiegel 1.jpg
spiegel 2.jpg
spiegel 3_edited.jpg
spiegel 4.jpg

A Sacred moment in time.

Two new friends, two professional musicians, two continents in Duet.

The waters of Canada and the peaks of UK in a sacred moment together.

No rehearsal or studio; the natural power of human-beings during the pain of the continuing lockdown of Humanity, the violation of human rights, careers, finances and the silencing and censoring of human voices, actions, truth and freedom.

Honouring both the reality of our times and the composer’s words: 

“Everything must be put aside, innocence and purity is what I value”

Spiegel im Spiegel (mirror in the mirror; the infinity mirror)

Morven, violin and Katie, piano keyboard:

Composer Arvo Pärt 

27/01/2023- small church hall, Derbyshire

-this performance is dedicated to my children, Oscar and Hattie-

painting for recording.jpeg


 excerpt from: Nea Glossa Spontaneia: August 2020 with guest Lucy Revis, Cello

Recorded by Dave Sanderson Derbyshire UK

This sounding is a response to a painting (in lapis lazuli, quartz, malachite) by friend and Artist: Bindi

The Violin and The Cello discuss: spontaneous improvisation on planetary occurings. August 2020.

from under the horizons of the soil
00:00 / 04:36

Barefoot at home:

An honouring of Humanity's birth canal

 February 2022

This is No Ordinary Love (street version) December042022
00:00 / 05:26

This is No Ordinary Love:

A spontaneous vocalising of a living moment in time

Libretto- form below in poemes to my children

December 2022

my nature soundings

microcosm murmurations: Peak District April 2023

Tempo di Children 

Rocking and Watering River Hipper

Shyly with Birds Sommersall Park

the Telling Tree by Walton Dam

 Vocal duets with Nature's voice: Derbyshire, UK. 2021 and ongoing in living spontaneity.

Droplet 2020 Derbyshire UK

self radiance

I am inviting you to express
Your Living Lifeforce of Benevolence


Join me for sounding sessions where you can explore

your unfettered human voice

Vocal yet wordless soundings arising from within our own human body

...the space of metamorphosis and a spiraling of new earth reality...

we already are the Living Instruments of the sacred and mundane

tones, timbres and rhythms are waiting to amplify

through the auditorium of the human body

Humanity is composing and bringing forth

Our Cosmic Symphony 

our natural sound matters



begin the journey into
humansomasounding sessions



Co-create and experience three distinct sound frequency sessions...
Read about them here:

cosmic essence


Voca me

Quartetto terra firma spontaneia: 

skies, earth, Aidan, Morven

- Curbar Edge Derbyshire: January 2023 -

“I felt very safe in your energy-you are truly offering something unique to this world“

co-missioning — co-liberating together

Wild and Free
00:00 / 00:51

excerpt from "Wild and Free" 

A Multidimensional Horse gives QR -coded thinga -mi- jigs the run-around. 

A spontaneously improvised sound-story through Violin:

for Puppeteer- Artist Sarah Green,

 Street-theatre performance: 2021, Bristol, UK.

Soul-Soil: I asked artist Kat Robertson to respond in celebration of a mutual friend: Earth Day 2020. 


Reach out to co-liberate an idea or project together

For your creative seedings and your Human artistry of any nature, such as:

  • A small story or utterance by a child, translated into a sound-poeme response, on violin/voice. 

  • Violin- soundings for a loved one; translating their essence into sound.

  • Sound-sonatina for a child; their unique radiance, translated through spontaneous violin composition; created only for them.

  • Soundscapes for your visual art.

  • Invite me to hold a spontaneous soundings experimental playdate with and for children in the local and geographical or physically online. This can be recorded as a keepsake; and a way for a child to listen back to the benevolent potency and communicative powers of their own self.

poemes to my children
— for all children and childhearts 

Chopin nocturne c# minorViolin: Morven Bryce / Piano: Laura Layton
00:00 / 04:14

L'Hommage: For All who have died since the 2020 global psyop. And for the ongoing suffering due to maskings, injections, the censoring of truth, and the continuation of global measures of harm upon Humanity.

self radiance
my invitation to you
my soundings
co-liberating together
poemes to my children
contact me/donate here
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